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Retreat Program

"You do not heal from the death of a loved one because time passes, you heal because of what you do with the time."

C. Crandell

This retreat is for persons who are grieving the death of a loved one and who are journeying towards healing and personal growth.

The death of a loved one can have a profound effect on your life and changes you forever. Grief is real. It is a natural response to the death of someone you love. It is unique to each individual.

The exploration of the grief process is not always recognized in our society, often leaving the person alone and nowhere to turn for support.

We recognize grief is deeply personal, however it can also be a collective experience. The retreat will allow you to share your grief with others in a way that provides opportunities to encourage and inspire one another. The retreat is held in a supportive and nurturing environment and respects the comfort zone of each individual.

The Society does not promote any type of religious belief; instead, participants spend time exploring what spirituality means to them.

The team members of Sunrise Grief Retreat Society recognize and honour your grief process. Our team of health care professionals and complementary therapists use: group sessions, massage therapy, healing touch, guided meditation, QiGong or Yoga, and expressive therapy to give participants the opportunity to take a safe and guided path towards healing and personal growth.

    • Retreats are held twice a year - spring and fall. These are residential retreats beginning on Friday afternoon and ending on Tuesday morning

    • 4 - 7 participants will be accepted for each retreat.

  • Accommodation, meals and treatments are included with the registration fee.

  • No alcohol or recreational drugs are to be consumed during the retreat

  • As the retreat starts right away on the Friday afternoon, if you are coming from different time zones, you may want to consider coming to the area a day or two ahead to allow for jet lag.

  • If you are booking flights we recommend you purchase flight cancellation insurance as we may have to cancel a retreat due to insufficient numbers of participants.

Typical Day Outline

Please see home page for COVID-19 cancellations. Check for updates in September 2021