Participant Feedback

I highly recommend this grief retreat. The facilitators attended to our mental, physical, and emotional needs through a balance of information, sharing, opportunities for artistic expression, body work and great food. I was able to understand where I'd been stuck and come to a more hopeful place in my grief journey.

A participant

I was in a partnership with my husband for 30 years and all of a sudden I was alone. I not only lost some of my identity and didn't know who I was as an individual, I also lost my confidence. I didn't know if I could make it on my own.

The self exploration helped me find myself as my own person and helped me to realize that I am strong and I can stand on my own (or at least see the light at the end of the tunnel).

I came away from the retreat with such a feeling of peace I had not felt since before my husband's death. Why? Because my grief was validated, and I finally accepted that I am going to continue to grieve but that's OK and I'm going to be OK.

Elaine.............a participant

The retreat was a gift to me physically, mentally and spiritually as I stepped out of my life arriving in a new land being supported, fed and cared for. What I learned on the retreat is really like beautiful pieces of chocolate to accompany me on my journey.

Jill.............a participant

In the caring and nurturing precious space of retreat, I "unlearned" society's rules around grief and reconnected with my own capacity to listen to my intuition and instinct of my inner self. After several months of trying to "fit" into goals, objectives and time frames around widowhood, I finally took ownership of my own personal journey of grief. I took a risk and entered into this sacred space of self-nurturing which demanded truth and honesty. The healing tools I learned at this grief retreat sustain me daily and I continually refer to them for encouragement and inspiration.

Erica..........a participant

The fall 2014 Sunrise Grief retreat was life changing for me. I am a professional counsellor who had not been able to process my grief fully through individual counselling and passage of time. The retreat is run by a group of highly compassionate, skilled, caring, warm individuals who all come together to create a warm safe environment where participants can gain insight, process and heal through their individual grief. I felt heard, understood and accepted in a non-judgemental way. The accommodation and food were fabulously yummy and so healthy. I tried all the options of having a massage, a healing touch session and Qigong and they were all amazing. All of this for $550 - no extra costs. I am usually the caregiver and it was truly amazing and empowering to be cared for by this wonderful team; honestly I didn't want to leave on the last day.

A 49 year old female participant

The collective wisdom, compassion, and experience of the Sunrise Grief Society is absolutely amazing. Together they create a safe, nurturing and supportive container from which rapid growth is enabled. The format of the retreat is well thought out. Many modalities of healing are presented, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of the participants. Being a residential retreat, I have found time and space to dive deeply into this challenging grief work with my companions, allowing for a depth of healing that I have not found in my daily life. I feel so heard and supported knowing that I have this team of compassionate friends offering me love and guidance and understanding as I go back to my home. The experience here has been moving and profound. Thank you. My gratitude is overflowing.

Kelly...........a participant

“I can’t begin to express how amazing this retreat was. From the moment I entered I felt enveloped in loving kindness. This retreat was transformative and insightful in so many ways.

All the facilitators were so available but unobtrusive. I felt so taken care of. I never wanted for anything from food, drinks, massage, healing touch or comfort items. This retreat was so professionally run. I have gained a new support group among the other participants which will be so helpful as I continue on my grief journey”................a participant November, 2017